Lights of the Lakes Show Presented

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A Great Lakes Lighthouse Slide Show by Phillip L. Block

Phil Block,’s Head Keeper, presented his flagship lighthouse photo presentation, Lights of the Lakes, at the Annual Meeting of the Menomonee Falls (WI) Historical Society. A group of thirty people enjoyed the show.

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Lighthouse of the Day – Indian Country Sports Light (1995)


L’Anse, Michigan – Lake Superior

Indian Country Sports light is probably the newest officially registered, functioning lighthouse on the Great Lakes. Built in 1995 by Steve Koski, owner of Indian Country Sports, the tower you see on the corner of his sporting goods store is the result of Steve’s deeply-felt passion for lighthouses.

This lighthouse is registered with the U.S. Coast guard as a private aid to navigation. It contains a 150 mm Max Lumina optic, model ML-155. The light source is an electric bulb mounted in a 6-bulb automatic-changing magazine. The lamp produces a flashing white light every 2.5 seconds. The tower is 50 feet high, resulting in a focal plane 44 feet above lake level. The tower was designed to withstand 100 miles per hour winds.

The new Indian Country Sports building houses a business that has been in the Koski family since the 1970s. Previously owned by his father, Steve has worked there since 1970, and now owns the business himself. When it came time to replace the old store with a new building, Steve naturally drew a lighthouse tower into the plans. Thus, Indian Country Sports Light was conceived.

Steve relates that he had trouble registering the lighthouse with the Coast Guard, since it had been over 70 years since a new lighthouse was added to the light list, and no one in the Coast Guard remembered how to do it!

In addition to owning and managing Indian Country Sports, Steve Koski and his wife Anne are very active in the Huron Island Lighthouse Preservation Association (HILPA). This group is actively working to stabilize and eventually restore the Huron Island Lighthouse in Lake Superior.

GPS fans can easily locate this light by navigating to 46°45’28.2” North, 88°27’21.3” West. For the rest of us, go to the south end of downtown L’Anse, find the city boat launch, and the light is right across the street.

Lighthouse of the Day – Port Washington 1860 Light Station during renovation


This is a rare 2002 image of shipping crates containing disassembled tower components after arrival from Luxembourg.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg donated a replica tower for the Port Washington 1860 Light Station in gratitude for the U.S. saving their country from being overrun by Nazis in World War II. The tower was built in Luxembourg, disassembled, packed, and shipped to the United States. After delivery in Port Washington, the same crew of carpenters from Luxembourg who built the tower traveled to the U.S. to reassemble and install the new tower. The gift also acknowledges the many immigrants from Luxembourg who settled in this part of Wisconsin.

This is what the new tower now looks like, including the replacement Fourth Order replica Fresnel Lens.